About Kalynn’s Health & Fitness Coaching

Kalynn’s Health & Fitness Coaching provides a personalized path for health and fitness improvement. Individualized health and exercise programs are put together based on the clients’ needs, goals and level of fitness. Kalynn provides caring, non-intimidating, one-on-one guidance in a private virtual setting.

My name is Kalynn McLain. I have a calm and confident approach to coaching, which makes my clients feel at home and secure when starting their health or fitness journey. I love to provide real-world solutions to issues everyone faces when trying to make positive lifestyle changes. My goal is to work with clients who have health challenges, who need to make changes to prevent disease and improve their health. I have patience with older, deconditioned clients, love to educate and am willing to modify workouts to accommodate changes that come up. My clients have had success in measurable and immeasurable areas: losing weight, improving blood pressure, building strength and balance, overcoming back pain and overall feeling better.

I am an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, ACE-Certified Health Coach, Therapeutic Exercise Specialist and Weight Management Specialist. I also have additional training in Iyengar yoga and TRX suspension training.

Let me support you in your journey to feeling healthy.

Enhance your health, your body, your life.

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer