One-on-one Fitness Coaching

Improve your muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, flexibility and learn healthy eating tips.  Monthly packages include private and couple sessions available one to three times per week.

Health Coaching

Encourage and enable healthy behaviors regardless of current weight status or body shape. This is nutrition and lifestyle coaching which focuses on healthy changes, not weight. We will accomplish the client’s goal of feeling good and leading a healthy lifestyle through learning to love and care for oneself now.  Package of six sessions.

Small Group Yoga Instruction

Intimate 4-person yoga sessions held in the studio or virtually. Focus is on vinyasa movement, building core strength, stretching and de-stressing. Current schedule: Beginner 45 minute class – Monday 6:15 pm. All Levels 45-60 minute class – Thursday 11:00 a.m. Single yoga sessions or monthly packages available.

*Payment in full is expected prior to first coaching session.