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Jill was looking for a personal trainer to help her continue to maintain her strength and activity during recovery from an ankle/foot injury that created real physical limitations. We customized an exercise program that worked with her limited movement and expanded it as she continued to rehabilitate her ankle.  I was injured and Kalynn worked with me and created a program to help with my injury and went at my pace. She is kind, detail- oriented and a great instructor. She can work with anyone and she makes you feel comfortable. Thank you, Kalynn

Midge had a goal to complete a 6-week trek along the Camino de Santiago. She thought weight loss was the solution. But she learned that building her endurance and strength in the studio also gave her confidence to do what she set out to accomplish in her life. “I have been training with Kalynn for over 3 years. When I met her I was totally out of shape. I often tell her she took me from couch potato to climbing mountains and walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago.

Having Kalynn as my coach has been totally life changing for me, not only physically but in building my confidence level. She adapts exercises quickly to accommodate any physical limitations while still providing an excellent work out plan. She is a great at encouraging versus intimidating so that as a client I want to push myself to reach my goals. I cannot recommend Kalynn enough!!”

Betsy had the opportunity to focus on herself and her health again after a significant life change. She wanted to have increased energy and to just feel good, so she could play with her grandchildren and enjoy life. “Kalynn has been my personal trainer for almost 4 months. Enlisting her professional services is one of the best decisions I have made regarding my physical health. She keeps exercise interesting by occasionally switching up routines, along with accommodating any weaknesses or injuries I may have. For the first time in my 67 years, I look forward to working out and I feel better than I have in 10 years!”

Jodi started fitness coaching with the goal of getting in great shape for her upcoming (swimsuit) vacation. What she learned is that fitness is more than what your body looks like. It feels good, it gives you confidence and inspires healthful food choices. “When I started this process with you last Fall, my intention was focused primarily on physical changes. What I have learned from you is that strength is inspiring and beautiful. I feel stronger and more confident and that in turn has given me confidence to “own” my figure and body type. I look at physical exercise so differently now – where I would find excuses not to exercise, exercise only one or two times a week, or keep myself busy with other projects that I ran out of time, I now crave moving, lifting, stretching, and pushing myself. I may not be in line for the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, but I feel so much better inside and out and I have you to thank for that. 

In addition to gaining strength, I look at food differently now. I think about drinking more water when I feel fatigued rather than running to caffeine or Red Bull. I am more mindful about what I am eating, drinking, snacking on, and cooking. This is all a direct result of your teaching, instructing, tips and motivation.

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate, but I hope you know how much I appreciate you and what you have done for me.”

Celeste had recurring back pain (she’s had back surgery), stress from life changes, and needed a customized program to relieve pain and stress, stretch tense muscles, yet leave her feeling relaxed. Through fitness coaching, she has eliminated the pain, feels healthy and has made exercise part of her lifestyle:  “I am the most un-athletic mom I know.  I’m one of those people who never played sports, never took a Zumba class, never, ever felt exhilarated by sweat and a little pain.  In short, a total wuss. But I also have a bad back, a family history of cancer and just enough brains to realize that I needed more regular exercise in my life if I wanted to be happier person and stay above ground.

So, a little over a year ago, I finally gave myself the gift of a fitness trainer: I handed over my deeply-ingrained wussiness to Kalynn McLain and asked her to help me improve my overall fitness to the best of our abilities. She agreed.  And she has changed me in all the ways I could’ve hoped for.

She designs routines for me that incorporate yoga, resistance training, non-embarrassing cardio and excellent, restorative stretching. She completely changes my program after eight consecutive sessions: exactly long enough so that I can see measurable, high-five-worthy improvements in my strength and endurance without ever, EVER getting bored.  She is also kind and inventive enough to make adjustments to my routine on the fly if I am experiencing pain or unusual difficulty.

Because of Kalynn’s coaching, I consistently work out at least three days a week and I look forward to it!  I feel stronger in every possible way: my arms can handle more weight in my day to day life; my lower back and core are more stable (and pain free); and my legs are in great condition for long walks along the greenbelt.

I’m grateful every single week to have Kalynn’s guidance and encouragement.  I am noticeably happier and healthier since becoming one of her clients.  She is flat-out an amazing trainer!”

Kathy has lost weight, reduced her blood pressure from pre-hypertension to normal, strengthened and improved the stability in her replaced knee, eliminated sciatica pain, improved posture and increased her overall strength and balance:  “Kalynn’s coaching is professional and personal at the same time. You make me want to improve. It is so nice to be one on one, having you guide me. I have tried going to the gym with many people around and I am very uncomfortable, so I do not go. I have decided at my age I need to get my health in line or I could end up not being able to live on my own. I have accomplished quite a bit but still have a ways to go, but with your help it is all possible and fun at the same time. Your encouragement really means a lot. When you say good job, I feel very good. Thank you for the best coaching ever. You make exercising fun.”

Sue has been a committed exerciser, who realizes the value of having exercise as part of her lifestyle. In retirement, she continues to maintain her strength and to train for local running events:  “For the last year, Kalynn has been my fitness coach. What I like best about Kalynn is that she designs a personal workout that fits your needs and abilities. Kalynn explains the purpose for each exercise and demonstrates the proper form. She adapts and changes the workouts frequently, so you are never bored. I liked that as I improved, she increased the difficulty of the exercises. She plans your workout to include activities that work to improve strength, balance and flexibility. My personal fitness goal is to be healthy and fit. I have found that to achieve these goals, I need the encouragement and accountability that a fitness coach provides. Kalynn is a professional in fitness training whose goal is to assist her clients in achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle. The most important thing to know about Kalynn is she makes working out fun!”

Elaine looks for someone to design an appropriate workout, to encourage her to keep moving and to coach her on healthy lifestyle changes. She has developed strength and excellent form, and still enjoys personalized workouts that challenge her. “I’ve worked out with Kalynn for several years. I’ve always struggled with my weight and overall fitness, so working out regularly was a big life change for me. Kalynn recognized where I was in my fitness journey and has been extremely supportive and encouraging. She pushes me during workouts but also allows me to set a pace I’m comfortable with.

She has also given me many tools to improve my eating habits. For example, Kalynn recognizes that I struggled to stay committed to a complete overhaul of my eating habits. So she encouraged me to make small changes, including drinking more water and eating more vegetables.

Kalynn makes sure her workouts are engaging and fun. Rarely do I repeat an exercise between two workouts. She’s creative in how she uses the equipment to ensure I don’t become bored. I appreciate Kalynn’s encouragement and dedication. She wants her clients to succeed and works hard to find the techniques and structures that will help them meet their fitness goals.

I recommend Kalynn without hesitation, especially to anyone who may be nervous or unsure about starting with a personal trainer. She is completely supportive and focused on making the client personally successful.”